About Phil Child Care Foundation

The Background

The Canadian government offers one of the best child education Programmes. However, children’s exposure to social interactive environments outside education Programmes still requires upscale beyond recreation centers. The rate of Juvenile crime incidences is gradually increasing, which signifies a symptom of passive community engagement in child up-bringing due to unavoidable work commitments.
In addition, many children are facing fear, trauma, anxiety, sadness,loneliness, inactivity, suicidal thoughts, depression, tension, mistrust, mental challenges, uncertainties which may be caused by the nature of environments they are being raised in.
Parents spend minimal time with their children, there are few community child centered spaces and interactive platforms that enhances child’s ability to develop socialization and other soft skills.

According to Erin Duffin, the global population of children by year 2100 is estimated to be atleast 1.9 Billion. The numbers of children world wide are growing exponectionally yet young people are not yet equipped with the basic skills necessary for success. Preparing children with different skills such as financial literacy, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation , Leadership, Training, Leveraging talent, Self-Development, Ideas, Real-life stories, application of principles of success, computer literacy, software literacy, sports, learning among others. This strategy will harmonize parents, communities and governments as a new generation of children who are self sufficient will emerge.

Our Objectives

  1. To encourage Innovation and Creativity among Children & Youth
  2. To prevent Crime by engaging Children in social activities
  3. To support Children with Disabilities
  4. Encourage Talents of Children & Youth
  5. To create Social Networks for children all over the world
  6. Advocate for children’s Rights
  7. Encourage Skill development
  8. Poverty alleviation
  9. Economic Empowerment

"Every Child Has A Voice".

Our Vision

To be an instrument of change in the lives of children, families, communities and uniting nations.

Our Mission

To recognize the hidden treasures within children as well as protecting their rights, defining their future and eliminating any underlying limiting beliefs.

The Genesis

Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF) was founded in July 2020 after two decades of engagement with children and youth in an informal way. The informal arrangements resulted in an in-depth understanding of the plight of children and the challenges that children and youth undergo. The engagements revealed many inherent conditions that contribute or result in behavioural
challenges that children exhibit.

The significant challenge among children and youth identified as the loneliness emanating from inadequate social community and family support that are accorded to children and youth. This was presumptively linked to many social problems that society is encountering today. One of the societal problems observed currently is the increasingly violent acts by youths, suicidal behaviours, decreased level of family cohesions etc. The engagement also identified some of the possible causes to this child’s loneliness which are quite structural and require a holistic approach.

The notable ones are linked to economic survival factors that pools parents away for longer hours on paid-work-related activities to meet the monthly bills. Other factors relate to health issues, particularly mental health-related challenges that make parents unable to attend to the emotional needs of their children simply because they (parents) themselves are already in dire need of emotional support. Another aspect relates to the social environment that children and youth relate to and interact with daily, for instance. In this school environment, they interact with peers already gravely intoxicated with social and behavioural challenges and problems emanating from their family set-up.

All these and many more contributed towards strengthening the innovative idea of establishing Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF) to innovatively create an environment where children and youth share their experiences, learn positive coping mechanisms, steer up their positive energy and champion challenging life experiences in a modeled manner that enables children and youth
become change agents of the society through collective community efforts. This therefore called for Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF) effort to create children and youth engagement spaces, platforms that can be utilized in supporting the quietly suffering children and youth.

At Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF), we believe that every child is unique, special, different and beautiful.

Let’s build a world
where all children can be safe,
curious, and happy.


The International
Youth and children Conference

Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF) vision is to provide high quality childcare services that focus on a child’s wellbeing and welfare.

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Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF) vision is to provide high quality childcare services that focus on a child’s wellbeing and welfare.

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