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Our innovative programs will help children, youth develop skills & knowledge to become confident lifelong learners.


We’re committed to developing creative programs that inspire, empower children, youth and communities.


Our programs are designed to help children and youth develop leadership skills that will help the transform generations to come.


The way information is prepared, presented or received is very crucial. Learning to communicate with groups or teams helps young people sharpen their skills.

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is just continuing to be vital and among the knowledge that will be relevant for now and coming. Putting computer literacy classes will enable children & youth build their tech confidence 

Leveraging Talent

We take time to understand the strength of each child. Their Talents will be found from the assessments carried out by our staff to ensure that we spend more time encouraging them based on their strength


Self Development is one of the keys to self discovery. Self Discovery will help build children and youth that are self confidence. all these and many more tools help children & youth to live a meaningful life.

Software Literacy

Now that the world is moving towards the creative economy, PCCF believes that children need to develop Software intelligence gradually at a young age so that they can solve challenging problems.

Our Projects

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